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Media Release 11 October 2021 New app gives parents the keys for wellbeing  Sydney, Australia, 11 October 2021 – Keywell, a new to market app that […]

Media Release

11 October 2021

New app gives parents the keys for wellbeing 

Sydney, Australia, 11 October 2021 – Keywell, a new to market app that allows parents to track their children’s behaviour, therapy, medications and sleep is now available in the App Store and on Google Play with a 21 day free trial. 

Founder and Sydney-based mum of two, Diana Silva, developed the app after experiencing long wait times to see medical specialists and to access ongoing support for her child with ADHD. 

“Behaviour in children is a way to communicate unmet needs – I was scrambling with bits of paper, notes in my phone, a conversation here, an email there – understanding what my child was communicating was like doing a jigsaw puzzle without all the pieces. Keywell organises all of this data and empowers parents with knowledge and positive strategies,” says Ms Silva.

Keywell could not come at a better time. Extended lockdowns have seen a rise in mental health difficulties among young people and placed extraordinary pressure on families. Parents are navigating both home-learning and the impacts on children of time away from their peers.  The COVID-Unmasked online survey, by Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service found 15–20% of children had mild-to-moderate emotional or behavioural difficulties such as tantrums, fears, worries, clinginess, low mood and sleeping difficulties. 

“Right now, parents are incredibly stretched between work, home schooling and managing everyone’s wellbeing. The on-going effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on mental health have seen wait times for professional support balloon. Keywell is the tool to help parents take one moment at a time and support them between professional appointments,” Ms Silva says. 

Keywell provides parents unprecedented ability to understand triggers and how environmental factors impact their children’s wellbeing. And is particularly useful for parents, who, like Founder Diana Silva, are raising children with diagnosed or suspected behavioural, sensory or neurodevelopmental conditions. The data input from Keywell can also be shared with health professionals like paediatricians, psychologists and other therapists as well as teachers and support staff in school settings. Resulting in greater understanding of the child, their triggers and required accommodations or supports.

Research recently commissioned by Emerging Minds: The National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health says that “children’s social-emotional wellbeing is promoted when parents receive support to achieve and maintain good mental health, and to implement warm and consistent parenting practices, especially during difficult circumstances.”1

“When I slow down and record my child’s good moments, I can be the parent I want to be. Keywell helps me see what my child’s behaviour means and I’m delighted to be able to share this with other parents,” explains Ms Silva.  

About Keywell 

Keywell is a company that focuses on wellbeing by tracking the various external inputs that can affect behaviour, mood and performance. The company’s first app is designed to help parents have a deeper understanding of their child’s behaviour and create positive connections to help their family thrive.

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